Friday, December 12, 2008

Numero Uno!

Wasssup !! Wy Leong here.

To think that I would even start blogging !

First things first ... I'll admit that I started just because everyone else had a blog.
And what better way than to start one with a friend !

Here's where I introduce this blogs co-owner:

It's Ms. SUKKIWAN ! (Applause!! lol sorry !)

Hailing from Tropicana, SS2 PJ , this NTU educated city girl will be here to provide a non-blur and very feminine take on life ! (More Applause!!)

Already at French level 2, shes gonna bring sophistication to this here ol' blog, and teach us how to whack a tiger. Sounds good eh ? Alas shes a banana, and Im worse, so this blog will be mostly Channel 5.

Anyways to cut it short , shes as great as any blog partner and I hope this joint project works out well.

To all those who are gonna read this, I hope to keep in touch with you guys through this site.

So much for a first post, I'll stop here first.

So to my fellow NTU banana, its a pleasure to start this wit ya !

To the rest of you, God bless, and Good night !

Yours truly,

Wy Leong


  1. Channel 5 only a? No other channels ah? ESPN? Star Sports? Wah Lai Toi? Better switch to another TV program provider lu...

    Congrats! (Applause...) Don't let the blog to fak mou ah~~~ mushroom and fungus all around, haha...

  2. Wah dai fei kor! I didnt noe you read blogs.
    Haha bo pian my pin yin is very the lao ya...
    but yea we'll try not to let this blog turn useless !

    Viva bananas!