Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Most Celebrated Time of the Year!!

HO HO HO Merry Christmas everybody!! :)

Okay first off, a hearty congratulations is due to Mr Ee!! For succeeding in obtaining a placement to slaving away for the next semester for IA ... the phone call wait was worth it, no?

Hee and here's an apple for Mr Ee, who's been down and sick and in misery with some wierd ailment. LOL as they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, assuming you've let go of your stubbornness and seen one =.= But even if you haven't, doesn't matter cos this apple is super special, got kiwi, banana, orange, strawberry, grapes and blueberry! so go stuff your face and you'll be fine in no time ;)

Seeing as it's the season of thanksgiving, naturally there's plenty to be thankful for! This month at home has been spent with loved ones at home, catching up with bestbuds over late night mamak sessions, lower petrol prices >.< size="3">Oh well, now isn't the time to brood about things like this, but to rejoice in all things to be thankful for! Another week to go til my oldest friend of 14 long long years will be back from The Land Down Under, and tons of catching up to do again!!

Here's a great big shoutout to all those who have made a difference for me to the year!
*Ching, Jow, Wendy, Mary, Sioki, Ping, Nienie, Yvonne, E399 (u know who u are), Mr Banana, 5B13G, dearest IRIS, pinkpink, the brother, father, grandfather and great grandfather, CBC whose horrible nickname is too crude for me to spell out here, wengweng and the bloggy's co-owner WYWY!!!!* so there's plenty more where that came from, i don't mean to miss you out but i love ya'll all the same!!

Greater things are yet to come! Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Waiting for an important call ...

They say a lakes' calm surface deceives many, since it hides strong, chaotic under-currents.

Well it's the same here.
My family sees a picture of calmness, maybe thinking I'm even a little selamba!

I'm actually feeling a little kan cheong now ...

Time to stop all this talk, and time to start rehearsing my interview script

Wy Leong

Vitamin L

Looks like this blogger contracted an overdose of vitamin L too.

But my partner has posted !
Boy, she reaaaally sounds happy talking about cleaning the loo, doesn't she!
Nothing gets her more excited then getting down, scrubbing those tiled floors, and clearing hair and dirt.
Partner, you really are something.

Well to whomever is reading this, God Bless!

I'll be back tomorrow with a real post.

Wy Leong

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been exactly 16 days since coming home, and each and every single day has been eating, sleeping, shopping, yumcha-ing!! ah this is the life of a slacker, not really used to it, but no one's complaining!

Personally, I'm not really used to wasting so much time away, but I figured there's a lifetime ahead of me to work, so decided to stay home and leech on my parents. Guess it's good in a way, ever since I left to Singapore, there's never a time I really stayed home with my family, never had time to read the tons of books I love to read, and not enough time to really appreciate all the things I take for granted at home.

Campus life really is an experience, but I'd give anything to be able to go home after a long day of classes after 2 years. Okay fine so I'm exaggerating a little, one and a half years then, of uni life going back to your room where you're holed up facing four walls and only four walls, and sometimes you don't have choices when it comes to roommates. Some you get are messy, don't clean the room, and the worst part is when you have an attached bathroom and no one will wash the friggin thing!! Haha it's almost come to a point where I'm the one who's washing the loo every week and most of the time past midnight on Sundays cos I'm just waiting to see if anyone will lift a finger to do it over the weekend. But, as usual, no one does and there I am slaving away LOL

So yeap, I'm definitely reveling the joy of having more than four walls at home ;) Oh well, no hard feelings of course, clean loos make me happy and cleaning it gives me some semblance of exercise... goodness knows I hardly have time for it. Argh I totally need to start some sort of dieting plan or whatever! Exam season totally tips the scales the wrong way haha.. and I'm wayyyyy too lazy to hit the gym even though it's just downstairs :( heheh..

Someone needs to come and get rid of this lazy bug in me LOL

toodles for now :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Post For Lazy Old Kah Weng !

Hey dude ! A little encouragement for ya.....

Early X'mas present !!!!
Jez kidding, you dun need anymore vitamin L
All the best for your FYP !

Wy Leong

picture courtesy of thetoppsvault

Friday, December 12, 2008


First of all, a huge shoutout to my partner in crime!! This blog is a brainchild of the randomness of two very bored people at home with nothing better to do on while on holiday! LOL let's see where this random creation will take us ;)

Starting off, what can I say about Mr Ee Wy Leong? Partner in crime who studies in Nanyang Technological University with moi, and has a notorious reputation for being insanely and atrociously blur and forgetful! Honestly, who can misplace and lose their room keys more than 8 times in a year?!?!? But, of course, nothing is impossible, so there you go! Eats A LOT but is yet stick thin, *stupid wy leong stay away from me*, he is a very nice fler i would admit to be very caring at times when he remembers to be and an amazing friend to hang out with! This gentleman here comes from TAMAN MELAWATI, KL O.o uber far from where I live but nonetheless in Singapore only 5 mins walk away from my hall!

So much for me always saying that I will not conform, here I am starting a blog haha who would've thought? But oh well, life's too precious not to have any jots of life, so here we are!

And to Wywy's friends who so happen to be reading this, looks like he'll be the one injecting randomness and insanity to this log, and supposedly me the sophistication *rightttttt* let's see how that works out ;)

Hmm, that's all for the first post now,

God bless and toodles!

Suk Kwan

Numero Uno!

Wasssup !! Wy Leong here.

To think that I would even start blogging !

First things first ... I'll admit that I started just because everyone else had a blog.
And what better way than to start one with a friend !

Here's where I introduce this blogs co-owner:

It's Ms. SUKKIWAN ! (Applause!! lol sorry !)

Hailing from Tropicana, SS2 PJ , this NTU educated city girl will be here to provide a non-blur and very feminine take on life ! (More Applause!!)

Already at French level 2, shes gonna bring sophistication to this here ol' blog, and teach us how to whack a tiger. Sounds good eh ? Alas shes a banana, and Im worse, so this blog will be mostly Channel 5.

Anyways to cut it short , shes as great as any blog partner and I hope this joint project works out well.

To all those who are gonna read this, I hope to keep in touch with you guys through this site.

So much for a first post, I'll stop here first.

So to my fellow NTU banana, its a pleasure to start this wit ya !

To the rest of you, God bless, and Good night !

Yours truly,

Wy Leong