Friday, December 12, 2008


First of all, a huge shoutout to my partner in crime!! This blog is a brainchild of the randomness of two very bored people at home with nothing better to do on while on holiday! LOL let's see where this random creation will take us ;)

Starting off, what can I say about Mr Ee Wy Leong? Partner in crime who studies in Nanyang Technological University with moi, and has a notorious reputation for being insanely and atrociously blur and forgetful! Honestly, who can misplace and lose their room keys more than 8 times in a year?!?!? But, of course, nothing is impossible, so there you go! Eats A LOT but is yet stick thin, *stupid wy leong stay away from me*, he is a very nice fler i would admit to be very caring at times when he remembers to be and an amazing friend to hang out with! This gentleman here comes from TAMAN MELAWATI, KL O.o uber far from where I live but nonetheless in Singapore only 5 mins walk away from my hall!

So much for me always saying that I will not conform, here I am starting a blog haha who would've thought? But oh well, life's too precious not to have any jots of life, so here we are!

And to Wywy's friends who so happen to be reading this, looks like he'll be the one injecting randomness and insanity to this log, and supposedly me the sophistication *rightttttt* let's see how that works out ;)

Hmm, that's all for the first post now,

God bless and toodles!

Suk Kwan


  1. Great first post !! Amen! Life's too precious to let it slip away......

    Well heres to more SS-ness. Cheers

  2. wondering what's the meaning of this blog address..

    is it from the "ken lee" song?

  3. haha we wanted it to be tulibudibudouchoo.... but so sad it was oredi taken by some dude haha so you is the very smart yeekiat ;) shortened it to become doobydouchoo haha..